Where is the ji point in men?

During sexual intercourse, touch is very important, because with their help, the erogenous zone is stimulated and aroused, which sends some information about pleasure and pleasure received to the human brain. In women, the 3 most erogenous points are distinguished - the clitoris, the U point of the urethra and the G point, which have not been found by some couples for years. In fact, finding out where the G-spot is in women is not so easy, although its location is explained in many medical reference books.

The simplest description of the location of the ji point is in the vagina below the clitoris, that is, right on the front wall of the vagina behind the pubic bone. Place it at a depth of 5-6 cm. It reaches the size of a pea, and if touched is a little rough, like a goose bump. It can be felt in a woman even if she is not in a state of agitation. Some of the fairer sex feel the urge to urinate when this point is stimulated.

There is another version of the existence of ji points in the vaginal wall of women. Some scientists are convinced that the j-dot is just a prostate embryo! The fact is that while in the womb, the baby does not have sexual characteristics for some time. More precisely, they are difficult to observe until a certain period of time. The lump on the baby’s body, which is responsible for the appearance of major sexual features, is the sought-after G spot. She has many nerve endings, thanks to which an adult woman can obtain enormous sexual pleasure. All she needs to achieve an incredible orgasm is learn to find this mysterious magical G spot.

It is believed that the ji point is located on the anterior wall of the vagina at a depth of 5-6 centimeters. So if you want to find it yourself, you must be the owner of a long finger. Although the size of this dot is by no means small (its value varies from the size of a ten kopeck coin to a five ruble coin), not everyone can find it. First of all, it should be noted that it is necessary to find the ji point only when you are already slightly aroused. In a state of calm, you will not notice or feel it. The best option is to start the search immediately after orgasm, because at this time the ji point is most prominent and sensitive. So how did you find this "fun button"?

If you want to find a ji point with your partner, it is better to do it while lying down. Raise your pelvis by placing a pillow under it - this way it will be easier for a man to inspect your intimate places. The couple should insert a finger into the vagina carefully to a depth of 3 to 6 centimeters. Of course, the fingers should be well lubricated with a lubricant or your own lubricant. You have to trust your own feelings as you drive your partner’s hand. Once she finds the desired point, she will notice that the back wall of the vagina begins to contract as it does during orgasm.

By the way, when stimulating the G spot in women, spontaneous urination can often occur. This is due to the fact that this point is close to the urethral area. Moreover, during orgasm, it is not the urine that comes out of the urethra, but the secretions of the paraurethral glands. However, you can avoid this situation simply by releasing the pressure while stimulating the ji point.

The woman's G-spot is near the clitoris, in front of the vaginal wall. The depth of penetration is from 3 to 5 cm. The range of "fun points" is from 1 to 10 cm. It can be located: in the middle, left and right.

Where is the G-spot in Men?

You can find the G point in men only through the anus, you have to move your finger forward 4 centimeters. You should be able to feel a small indentation in the front of your abdomen.

While massaging this point, a man gets a brighter orgasm than during normal sexual intercourse, while penile stimulation is optional.

the location of the ji point in males

G-spot massage for men

Complete relaxation of men and absolute trust in each other. If your partner is pinched and constrained, then he or she will not receive the painful sensation. Ask your guy if he wants you to go this far, don’t do it without his consent. Not all men are ready for this type. If you have long or elongated nails, it is better to postpone the search for the G zone, as you can cause microtrauma in the male rectum. Hands should be perfectly clean. Penetration into the rectum is an inevitable contact with the skin of your hands from various microorganisms that can cause inflammation of the male and female genital organs. Therefore, when dealing with the male G zone, avoid touching your penis and genitals. Better yet, do it all in skinny medicine.