Pre-seminal fluid in men: composition and function

The pre-ejaculatory or pre-seminal fluid by its name explains what appears before ejaculation during orgasm. Unbeknownst to her, men may be frightened, given that her termination is too early, and women are afraid to get pregnant.

Knowledge of the nature of the formation and composition of pre-ejaculation will allow you to bring harmony and serenity in a relationship.


What is precum

Pre-seminal or Cooper fluid is formed in a man at the exit of the urethra in a state of sexual arousal, it looks like a colorless transparent viscous droplet. Released during intercourse or foreplay.

The Cooperian (bulbourethral) gland is the main source of pre-seminal fluid. The Littre gland serves as an additional site of preseed formation.

Mechanism of formation

The bulbourethral or cooper gland, located in the perineum muscle at the base of the penis, produces the man’s natural lubrication. The Littre gland, which is located in the urethra from the bladder to the outer opening, can also perform the function of forming lubricant on the penis. They secrete a slimy alkaline fluid, increasing the amount of pre-ejaculation produced by Cooper’s glands.

Upon reaching sexual arousal, the pelvic muscles contract, blocking the urinary tract and preventing urination during intercourse. At this point, Cooper and Littre’s glands begin to secrete male lubricant.

Depending on the physiological characteristics of each male, the amount of pre-seed varies, usually ranging from two drops to 5 ml. In certain circumstances, the amount of emissions may be greater.


Pre-ejaculatory fluid is released when the male genitalia are in a strong state. Pre-seeds are alkaline and contain a number of chemicals.

The pre-ejaculatory structure is colloidal, like a gel consisting of:

  • air:
  • some enzymes and glycopolysaccharides:
  • potassium ions, calcium, sodium and a little magnesium.

Spermatozoa in pre-seminal fluid can occur inadvertently when they get into it after having sex or masturbating before.

Male pre-seminal fluid is sticky and colorless


The male urethra, like the female vagina, has an acidic environment that kills sperm. Pre-seed material neutralizes acidity and creates a favorable environment for seeds.

Pre-ejaculatory fluid has other useful functions:

  • is a lubricant for inserting the penis painlessly into the vagina, facilitating the implementation of friction during intercourse,
  • facilitates the movement of ejaculation along the genital tract, moisturizes it,
  • clean the urethra of the remnants of previous ejaculation and urine,
  • protects semen from damage.
Pre-ejaculation acts as a lubricant during intercourse

Pre-sperm and pregnancy

Fertilization of eggs from pre-ejaculatory fluid is not possible. There are no sperm in the pre-sperm before ejaculation, but the possibility of them getting into the lubricant remains after a previous orgasm, especially a new one.

Pregnancy can occur if:

  • sperm get into Cooper's fluid,
  • seeds in high activity,
  • sexual intercourse occurs at the best time for conception in a woman.

Sperm cells live for a few seconds, are in an unfavorable environment, but the strongest manage to survive in the ducts of the male genital organs or on the surface of the head until the next unprotected intercourse.


Does it contain sperm

There is no sperm in the pre-seminal fluid. They do not fall into it during formation. Seeds and pre-seeds are produced by various unrelated organs. Lubricant is released from the man before ejaculation.

The possibility of decent semen entering the body from the outside remains after recent unprotected sex or masturbation.

The practice of having interrupted intercourse

Superstitions about the ability of men’s natural lubricants to fertilize eggs may arise from the onset of pregnancy by using interrupted intercourse as a method of contraception. To prevent conception with this method, the man removes the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. But if, in a state of being too strong, he is unable to remove his organ before the onset of ejaculation, then fertilization of the egg with a small number of the first sperm production is very possible.

Unprotected sex during interrupted sexual intercourse training gives a woman the opportunity to conceive with repeated male ejaculation, when semen from a previous ejaculation is able to enter the egg with the lubricant released.

Prevent unwanted pregnancies

If precum enters the vagina

Based on the fact that one of the purposes of pre-seminal fluid is to facilitate the entry of the male genital organs into the woman and lubricate during friction, it is desirable if it enters the vagina.

If the partner is planning to get pregnant, such a lubricant will only help. Otherwise, it is necessary to follow precautions to have unprotected sex or switch to the use of contraceptives.

Unplanned onset of pregnancy

Pre-semen analysis

Because of the cases of pregnancy when using action disorders as a method of contraception, there is a misconception about the content of ejaculation in male natural lubricants. The presumption has found a place in a number of articles in the medical literature, a number of teachers at the university convey incorrect information to students.

To determine the truth, experiments were conducted in Israel with pre-seed analysis of volunteer project participants. Pre-ejaculation is taken from men who are completely healthy and have problems with the genitourinary system of different ages. No seeds were found in any of the samples.

The test fluid contains water, enzymes, minerals, especially sodium, in gel form. Thanks to sodium that pre-seeds have an alkaline reaction.

To perform Cooper fluid analysis and studies, you must contact a specialist if any abnormalities and pathologies are detected.

Contact an expert for analysis

Possible pathology

Pre-ejaculatory excretion in men in a state of sexual arousal is common. Changes in the vital functions of the body in this area should be of concern.

Reasons to visit a specialist may be:

  • appearance in shades of gray, green or yellow,
  • appearance of blood
  • density change to curd state,
  • mold smell.

The pathological sign is the release of colorless fluid without an erection, caused by streptococci, staphylococci or E. coli.

In case of violation of reproductive function in males, there are:

  • sensation of pain in the lower abdomen,
  • often want to urinate and cramp at the same time,
  • temperature rise,
  • hyperemia of the skin area,
  • purulent discharge from the urethra in the absence of sexual stimulation.

If cheesy spots appear on the pre-seeds, this may mean an inflammatory disease, candidiasis. You need to see a doctor.

There are cases when experts are asked about the allocation of large amounts of pre-semen with little excitement. This gives discomfort to the man, defecation can be seen by others. The failure can be overcome, and after examination, the andrologist prescribes therapy.