Increase potency in men with folk remedies

A man has a problem with potential

Problems associated with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction are common for every third man. When such a problem is not permanent and is not severely expressed, it is usually sufficient to use traditional medicine recipes to solve it. But if such problems begin to arise periodically, and the level increases from time to time, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. In this case, erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of a disease that requires medical intervention and drug treatment. Traditional medicine will be useful in the development of this event, if it is used under the strict supervision of specialists.

The reasons

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often caused by some serious medical condition. In this case, it is possible to get rid of it only by treating the underlying disease.

Often, erection problems in men are associated with their improper lifestyle.Smoking, alcohol intake, unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, stress, the influence of environmental factors - all this can lead to decreased erections.

Sometimes it is enough for a man to get rid of bad habits until sexual function returns to normal. If this does not help completely, it is necessary to increase physical activity, visit more frequent fresh air, and reduce the effects of stress on the body. And, of course, reconsider your diet.


In performing sexual functions, the male body spends large amounts of energy, proteins (the main constituents of semen), vitamins (especially vitamin E), and minerals (especially zinc, which is needed for the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone), which are responsible for sexual activity). A man’s diet should contain the right amount of this nutrient.

At the same time, excess calories should be avoided, which inevitably leads to the deposition of fat in body tissues, which interferes with the implementation of normal blood flow, which negatively affects the function of the penis.

Products for erections

The easiest way to increase potency at home is with the most common food products. At the same time, the basis of a man's diet is lean meat and fish, dairy products and eggs, an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. There are also foods that have a very good effect on the sexual function of the male body. These are honey, nuts, dried fruit, eggs, cottage cheese, pumpkin, watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, radish, radish, parsley, dill, celery, coriander, cumin.

The following recipes will help provide a fairly consistent erection improvement:

  • Mix 3 parts chopped nuts with 5 parts honey. Drink 50 g daily after meals. You can add 1 part aloe plant juice and ginger powder into this mixture to taste.
  • Mix 2 parts honey with 3 parts red wine and 1 part aloe juice. Add the parsley seeds to the resulting cocktail. Insist for 12 days and then drink 1. 5 tablespoons a day.
  • Mix 100 g prunes, 100 g dried apricots, 100 g raisins, a tablespoon of sugar, a little cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Pour the resulting mixture with red wine. Bring to a boil over low heat for an hour. Take before dinner or just before intercourse.
  • Cut 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 radish, a small amount of lean meat, 4 dandelion leaves and 2 nettle leaves. Mix, pour the resulting mixture with water and bake. Wait until boiling and cook for 10-15 minutes afterwards. Consumption as a first course.

Excellent results in combating erectile dysfunction are obtained by regularly consuming pumpkin pulp and seeds. Crushed seeds can be mixed with honey and taken 1 tablespoon 4-8 times a day. For the treatment of prostatitis, you need to eat 40 pumpkin seeds daily: 20 in the morning on an empty stomach and 20 in the evening, right before bed. This recipe is very effective and can defeat the disease completely without surgery. Helps with potency and pumpkin seed oil. Drink it in a spoon three times a day for 2 months. Or, in the morning and evening, they perform an enema, each time introducing 100 g of oil analytically.

Onions, garlic and carrots are useful for increasing sexual activity. They should be used more often in fresh foods, added to salads and snacks, or just eat 2-3 cloves of garlic or one small onion daily with bread. In carrots, you should use not only the rhizomes, but also the leaves. However, the presence of digestive diseases in men is a contraindication to such treatment.

Radish and turnips will help increase potency. They should also be used more often to prepare all kinds of salads and snacks. The simplest recipe: cut and mix these two vegetables in equal proportions with each other, seasoning with olive oil. Carrot juice mixed with honey and a small amount of ginger pleases the appetite and is very useful for the male body.

Honey mushrooms can also help in combating erectile dysfunction. To do this, a decoction or infusion must be provided from them. To prepare the broth, cook one tablespoon of fresh mushrooms to a boil in 100 ml of water. Drink one teaspoon of broth three times a day for two weeks in a row. The infusion is performed as follows: two tablespoons of honey agaric are placed in a thermos, poured with vodka and injected for 4 days. Drink one teaspoon before meals for 2 consecutive days.

Increasing the potential with the methods mentioned above is very safe. This method is very suitable for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in old age. But don’t expect immediate effects from the above recipe. Instead, they aim for the improvement of the body in general. However, it is this recipe that is supposed to give the most stable effect.


Before using certain medicinal plants to get rid of problems with potency, it is better to consult a doctor. Some natural remedies act on the body very gently and are incapable of causing harm. The actions of others can be very radical. Their unworthy use will lead to unintended consequences.

Perhaps the most popular remedy for impotence in the community is a plant like ginseng. Not for nothing, it is also called the "root of love". Any pharmacy will offer drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, made on the basis of this plant. However, there is nothing difficult in preparing medicinal ingredients from ginseng root itself. To do this, 100 g of roots of this plant is put in 0, 5 liters of water for two days, and cooked on low heat for 4 hours. Add honey and cinnamon to the resulting gravy. You should take 100 g after the next meal. The effects of decoction use come very quickly, sometimes already entering the second day of admission. At the same time, do not forget that this effective drug has several side effects, the main of which is its ability to significantly increase blood pressure.

For the treatment of impotence, traditional medicine also uses natural remedies such as thyme, Dubrovnik, aralia root, Rhodiola rosea and calamus. To prepare the infusion of thyme, 100 g of the herb is poured with a glass of boiling water and cooled to room temperature. The resulting infusion is used up in one way. Dubrovnik tincture is made by storing 5 tablespoons of the herb in a liter of water for two days. Take 100 g of tincture three times daily after meals.

1 liter of aralia root, poured with alcohol and stored in a cool dark room for 2 weeks. After that, they drank one teaspoon daily. Rhodiola rosea root is poured with water 1: 2 and boiled for 10 minutes on low heat. The resulting broth is taken 100 g three times a day. 20 g of calamus root is poured with 200 ml of boiling water and insist up to 8 hours. The entire contents of the resulting broth is drunk in three doses for one day. A small amount of calamus root can be chewed three times a day. This will not only bring success in intimate life, but also protect the body from colds.

Another medicinal plant that has helped men achieve success with women for over a century is ivan tea (even its name testifies to the nature of the plant). To get rid of problems with potency from flowers, you can prepare infusions and decoctions. While preparing the infusion, one teaspoon of crushed flowers is poured with a glass of boiling water and left for 15 minutes. They drank in one day in two doses. To prepare the broth, pour two tablespoons of crushed flowers with a glass of boiling water, simmer for fifteen minutes on low heat, then infuse for 1. 5 hours. Take one tablespoon three times daily before meals. Ivan's tea acts on the body slowly. It is taken no more than 20 consecutive days (do not exceed the dose), then rest for 45 days and repeat the course again.

Plants like St. John's wort can also eliminate problems with potency quite well. 100 g of this ingredient is boiled in 300 ml of water for 10 minutes, then insist at least a day. Drink 50 g three to four times a day.

Nettles can help with impotence. There are various options for using it:

  • Pour a tablespoon of nettle leaves with a glass of boiling water and leave for 15-25 minutes. Strain and drink before eating.
  • The wine is mixed with honey and crushed nettle seeds and used as a dessert.
  • Nettle seeds are pounded with bananas and eaten as a dessert.
  • Fresh young nettle leaves, eggs and onions are chopped, mixed and seasoned with vegetable oil or sour cream. It is used as a salad.
  • Nettle, carrots St. John, mint and clover are taken in equal parts, poured with boiling water and injected for an hour. The resulting drink can be drunk several times a day.

Interesting folk recipes

To get rid of the problem with potency, you can use the following natural folk remedies:

  • If there is no digestive disease in a man, aspen bark will help him restore potency. It is better chewed instead of chewing gum, or used to make a decoction: 200 g of bark is poured with one liter of boiling water and left for 40-50 minutes. in a warm place. Drink 100 ml of broth three times a day. There are other applications: alcohol -moistened bark is stored in a cool place for 2 weeks, and then 50 g is eaten before meals.
  • With a mild degree of erectile dysfunction, one tablespoon of dried purple flowers is poured with a glass of boiling water, cooled, filtered and drunk during the day.
  • Lovage is used as a seasoning for food (for all dishes, except milk). You should take about two teaspoons of this seasoning daily.
  • Lemongrass fruits are eaten fresh, and tea is also brewed from them, from the leaves and from the bark of this plant, not forgetting that lemongrass has a strong stimulating effect on the nervous system.
  • Three to four tablespoons of hawthorn inflorescences are poured with three glasses of water, kept for 10 hours, boiled for 5 minutes, and then left in a towel for another 30 minutes. Drink a glass three times a day: in the morning - on an empty stomach, then - after meals.
  • One tablespoon of crushed hop cones is poured into a glass of water, boiled for ten minutes, filtered and drunk half a glass 2-3 times a day.
  • One tablespoon of powdered nasturtium seeds is brewed in a glass of water and left for 2 hours, wrapped in a towel. Drink before meals. The flowers and leaves of the plant are used in the preparation of salads, side dishes and first courses.
  • 150 g of mountain ash, 50 g of rose hips and 50 g of gooseberry leaves are poured with one liter of water and boiled for twenty minutes. Drink 200 ml of broth three times a day.
  • 30 g of shepherd's bag is poured with a glass of hot water and put for an hour. Drink half a glass three times a day.
  • Take one teaspoon of roasted flax seeds every time you eat.

Home physiotherapy

To increase potency at home, the following physiotherapeutic procedures are used:

  • Contrast baths, including in the groin area.
  • The crushed ice was wrapped in five layers of gauze and alternately applied for one minute to the neck, chest and scrotum. The procedure is repeated 3-5 times.
  • In 20-30 minutes, take a bath with warm water, to which is added infusion of bay leaf (50 g per 1 liter of boiling water).
  • Mustard plaster is kept on the soles of the feet for 10 minutes (this procedure stimulates blood circulation).
  • 200 g of honey is diluted in one liter of water and a napkin soaked in this solution is placed twice a day for 10 minutes at the base of the penis.

Drug use

If it is not possible to increase potency with folk remedies, you should use drugs sold in pharmacies. You can not do without prior consultation with a doctor.

It is better to choose safe homeopathic pills for starters. If that doesn’t work, you should start taking more serious chemicals.