It’s all about male potential

men and women are happy with their sex lives

Male strength is an important factor in sexual life and an important criterion for determining a person’s social status. Potential levels are easily determined by external signs. A healthy man evokes respect from friends, admiration for women. Unfortunately, in recent years, potential problems have increasingly haunted stronger sex. You can solve it with proven methods. What is the potential, what does the improvement mean there, and what type of medication to take - every man should know about this. Proper therapy will restore health and regular sex.

What is the potential

The etymology of the word leads to the potential Latin potential - possibility. In sexology, the term male potential means the body’s ability to have sexual intercourse. This concept is characterized by erectile function and duration of erection, reproductive ability. In addition, a man’s ability to receive satisfaction from intercourse is key. At the same time, the term "potential" is not identified by frequency of sexual intercourse, sexual desire or erection.

What affects male potential

The strength of men depends on many factors. So, the content of the hormone testosterone in the body has a direct effect on libido. This substance is synthesized in the testes and adrenal cortex, is actively involved in sperm production, is responsible for its quality. Hormones can affect a man's mood, his resistance to stress, induce the process of burning fat in the body, build muscle mass.

Testosterone synthesis depends on age, lifestyle, diet, ecology. Its greatest concentration in the male body is observed at the age of 25-30 years. After that, testosterone levels drop. In addition, the cardiovascular system, overweight men, body fat, and the general condition of the body affect erectile function. The presence of chronic diseases adversely affects.

What makes masculine strength weaker

Good potential in men guarantees the quality of sexual life. True, sometimes health fails at the most inopportune moment. Impotence is characterized by inability to get an erection, low intercourse duration, premature ejaculation. In men, dysfunction can occur due to several factors:

  • Weak genetic predisposition. Masculine strength, like many other physical characteristics, is inherited.
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system. The disease can cause insufficient blood flow in the man’s penis.
  • Pathology of the genitourinary system. These disorders often have a negative impact on male potency.
  • Hormonal disorders. Insufficient synthesis of certain substances in the body causes a decrease in male strength.
  • Excessive weight. Obesity causes the production of female hormones and a decrease in men. Fat deposits stress the cardiovascular system and restrict movement.
  • Age -related changes in the male body. Aging causes a decrease in testosterone levels. In addition, older men have a tendency to develop diseases that negatively affect erections.
  • Disorders of the psycho-emotional state. Constant stress can cause psychological impotence in a man.
  • The presence of bad habits - smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs - has a negative impact on a man's erection, sperm quality and general condition of the body.

How to check the potential

Cure of impotence is possible if timely detection. You can check the male reproductive system for violations at home. For this, the diagnosis of nerve conduction and nerve endings is used. A man needs to feel his entire penis. The same should be done with the scrotum. The touch must be clearly felt. Another variant of the strength test is the compression of the head of the penis. In healthy men, this must cause the anal muscles to contract. There are a number of medical tests: semen analysis, testosterone testing, etc.

Increased potential

You need to take steps to increase male strength when violations in the body are detected. Indications for treatment may be age -related impotence, poor erections, premature ejaculation, prostatitis. It is best to see a doctor to choose a technique. Specialists will help a man to determine the best way - drug treatment with drugs or potency increase in a natural way. The latter includes diet, exercise, massage. Strengthening male potential with folk remedies is practiced.

The main principle during treatment is to review the diet and give up bad habits. Limit alcohol intake and quit smoking. Exercise has a good effect on male potential. Another important rule is to avoid unpleasant psychological factors such as stressful situations. Attention should be paid to physical health and to losing excess weight, if any.

How to increase potency in men in a natural way

Often it happens that, for one reason or another, men can not prescribe drug use. Sometimes doctors feel that they can limit themselves to following such recommendations. To increase potency, a man needs to include a diet that includes only healthy foods. Doctors recommend to take into account the need to lose extra weight when compiling it. Men are given gymnastics to increase potency, train the pubococcygeal muscles. Massage methods can be used. Good sleep is an important factor in the natural treatment of potential disorders.


You need to limit your intake of spicy, salty and fried foods. The product should contain vitamins and minerals necessary for the male body. Instead of nutrients, attention should be paid to zinc, selenium, vitamins E, C and B. Dairy products, nuts, seafood, lean meats, vegetables and fruits, and herbs have a beneficial effect on potency. Avocado, coconut, honey, celery, oysters are considered good aphrodisiacs. Healthy eating guarantees positive change to men.

Physical training

Increased potential can be achieved through physical activity. It has a beneficial effect on male strength and body, improves blood circulation. In addition, physical activity stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone, training muscles. Exercise helps improve the psychological state of the body as a whole. A set of exercises for potential will be assisted by an expert, but there are also basic exercises that a man can do:

  • Parade steps. Legs placed shoulder width apart, hands on belt. You have to walk with your knees raised.
  • Rotation by the pelvis. Place feet shoulder -width apart, hands on your belt. It is best to rotate the pelvis counterclockwise or clockwise. In one approach, at least 20 revolutions were made.
  • Hold the rock. Bend the knees, put your hands on the belt. The body must be tense. Bend the knees as much as possible, while tensing and relaxing the back muscles.

What to take to increase potential

The pharmaceutical market can provide drugs to many men that will help solve health problems and improve the condition of the body. These are old traditional potential stimulants and new generation drugs. The use of synthetics and natural preparations is practiced. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors increase potency well; in various cases, NO-synthase stimulants, antispasmodics, alpha blockers or supplements based on plant or animal components are used. The use of this drug is allowed with the consent of a specialist.


In most cases, doctors recommend that men use a universal potency enhancer - phosphodiesterase inhibitor type 5. The funds help improve blood circulation in the genitals during arousal and improve erectile function. For men, they can be used easily at home. The positive effect of this drug is confirmed by reviews.

How to increase potency with folk remedies

Sometimes alternative medicine is not at all inferior to the use of synthetic medicine. Good potential in this case is achieved through the use of folk remedies. The following methods have been successful:

  • Take a spoonful of honey mixed with walnuts before eating.
  • Eat 2-3 times a day for one tablespoon of porridge made from dill, parsley and coriander in equal amounts.
  • Eat a mixture of garlic and onion in a ratio of one to two, 1 tbsp. spoon during lunch.
  • Drink an infusion of St. John's wort on vodka (1 tbsp. L. herbs and 5 tbsp. L. Vodka) 3 times a day, 40 drops. Before that, the mixture should be injected for 3 weeks.

Historically, male sexual activity was considered not only a guarantee of rebirth, but also a factor influencing the well -being of the whole family. The ancestors believed that if the head of the family had a problem with potential, this would have a negative impact on his ability to maintain order in the economy, and even unpredictable phenomena such as land tenure yields or livestock fertility.

Such a consideration is quite logical: a man experiences stress when having problems with erections. Anxious thoughts interfere with his daily activities and solve professional problems. But you have to remember: a frank conversation with a doctor and a competent treatment plan will help restore a full sex life and self -confidence.

Why the issue of potential increase is so urgent

"Potential" is a Philistine term that indicates a man’s ability to have sexual intercourse. Weak potency, or impotence, indicates that this ability is impaired. But what is the disorder?

Doctors prefer the term "erectile dysfunction" - this means that the patient is having problems with stimulation or healthy penile function. We can talk about inadequate organ tone, which makes sexual intercourse impossible, or about problems with ejaculation (release of sperm), which occur too early or are accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Erectile dysfunction is a complete long -term absence, i. e. a very negative level of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction rarely becomes an independent disease - in a large number of cases, we are talking about the echoes of serious pathological processes that affect many organs and systems. In addition, the decline in potency can be psychogenic in nature - the result of emotional trauma or a severe stressful situation.

It is important to know

Half of men over the age of 40 sooner or later develop erectile dysfunction. Yet, according to medical statistics, impotence is getting younger every year: middle -aged people as well as young men come to see a doctor. Experts explain the current situation with lifestyle changes of the urban population (reduced physical activity, unbalanced diet), ecological conditions and even the increasing role of social networks in communicating with women - lack of physical interaction in the first stage of acquaintance negatively affects the hormonal backgroundman.

Unsuccessful episodes of intimacy at least once in a lifetime occur in every man, however, with actual erectile dysfunction, the problem recurs from time to time (more than 4 times in a row), and you cannot hope for self-healing. who is happy. Moreover, the delay adversely affects the prospects of treatment, as the pathology underlying the decline in potential will only develop over time.

How to increase potential?

A similar question, at least once, is interesting for every member of the stronger sex, regardless of whether he or she has problems in the genital area: it is difficult to argue with the fact that the quality of sex is largely determined by the level and duration of a partner’s erection. Of course, there are ways to increase potency at home, however, no matter how interesting the exotic technique, still need to consult a doctor and first apply the methods recommended by experts. All methods of increasing potential have their pros and cons, which we will discuss below.

People's method

The most accessible way, but at the same time the most effective way to restore or increase potency is a traditional medicine recipe. Some of them are medically justified, but do not forget the individual characteristics of each organism and the various causes that can cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the use of tinctures or elixirs prepared by traditional healers can have unpredictable effects for well -being.

The most popular are tips such as regular contrast baths, bathing procedures, applying ice to different parts of the body (to train blood vessels), as well as the intake of infusions of ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, clover, Chinese magnolia vine, St. John’s wort. John's wort, nettle, yarrow and others. plants. Of course, turning to these tips is possible only with the permission (and under the supervision) of a doctor, because with an illiterate or overactive approach, this useful tool can endanger the health of a man.

Products increase potential

The inclusion of certain foods in the diet can have a beneficial effect on sexual potency - a fact recognized by many urologists and andrologists. With the help of a special diet, you can increase the level of testosterone - the main male sex hormone. So, walnuts, dairy products (ayran, koumiss etc. ), ginger, hot pepper, cinnamon, cloves and other spices have a similar effect. Honey, celery, coriander, spinach, asparagus, pumpkin, garlic, onions, figs, pomegranate have a good effect on erections.

The role of a balanced diet in the work of the "organ of love" is also undeniable: without a sufficient amount of protein in the diet, even a healthy man can face impotence. This fact is important to consider for vegetarians and athletes, the latter requiring a lot of protein to build muscle mass. Sources of protein to increase potency are seafood (especially oysters), beef, cheese, cottage cheese and lean fish - spreaders and mackerel. You should also include in your diet double unsaturated fatty acids, which are rich in fish oil, flaxseed and olive oil.

Physical training

It is no coincidence that the image of handsome and fit men attracts the appearance of women - a good form of sport indicates order in the work of the reproductive system. Indeed, obese men who neglect physical activity are more likely to experience impotence than those who regularly visit the gym or wind miles on the treadmill. The problem is that body fat increases the production of female sex hormones that suppress the work of testosterone. Thus, many fans of the "sofa-beer" lifestyle over time not only have problems with erections, but the growth of facial hair stops, and signs of gynecomastia appear (increased mammary glands).


In 15-20% of cases, the persistent decrease in potential is explained by violations "in the head". Psychogenic erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of chronic sleep deprivation, stress, increased mental stress, or unpleasant emotional states related to sex. The soul of a man is quite sensitive, and after negative comments from his partner, the man, for fear of failure, unknowingly avoids sexual intercourse, which in practice manifests himself as impotent.

Only a doctor can prove the true nature of erectile dysfunction by using special tests. However, if you experience morning or night erections outside of sexual intercourse, then you should consider a visit to a psychotherapist who specializes in correcting potential problems.


Physical effects on the muscles and organs of the reproductive system increase blood circulation in this area (which is very important for vascular original impotence), and also increase the sensitivity of the penis, relieve cramps and have a beneficial effect on psychological mood. Massage sessions for erectile dysfunction can be performed by medical professionals and the patient himself, as well as his partner (after consulting a doctor). Often this method is prescribed as an aid for various problems with potency, infertility and diseases of the prostate gland.

Exercise therapy

Another important method of increasing potency is physiotherapy exercises, which include a set of special exercises aimed at training the perineum muscles. Their regular intensive contractions help increase blood supply in the small pelvis, and also facilitate the onset of erections during arousal (however, as you know, the penis enlarges and becomes dense precisely because it is filled with blood) Exercise therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment of erectile dysfunction should be done everydays until a continuous increase in sexual function.


Medication use is the most popular, but not always safe and effective way to increase potency. A large number of them are not accumulated and are designed for the treatment of emergency patients. In addition, to choose an effective drug, it is important to know the cause of the disorder: for example, if hormonal problems are the basis of erectile dysfunction, then treatment should also be aimed at normalizing their concentration in the blood. And if impotence arises due to atherosclerosis of blood vessels, then you need to achieve its expansion at least during sexual intercourse.

A number of medications - including supplements - must be taken for months, the medication does not directly affect potency, but contributes to its return in combination with other therapeutic approaches. Other medications - for example, medications based on sildenafil or tadalafil, as well as many injectable medications and ointments - work on the vascular cause of erectile dysfunction and are aimed at short -term erectile recovery.

Vacuum impact

Everyone knows the principle of operation of medical cans, which increase blood flow to the application site. Many devices work in a similar way, designed to restore function to the penis for a short time. Vacuum therapy with a decrease in potency is used as a physiotherapeutic method determined by the course or as a regular relief measure, to which the patient turns freely before each sexual intercourse. Special devices help create negative pressure around the penis, which results in an erection. This approach does not solve the problem once and for all, but it does help some patients with refractory drugs.

Shock wave therapy

An innovative approach in urology based on the ability of acoustic waves to stimulate the regeneration process in living tissues. Shock wave therapy sessions induce the formation of new ducts in the penile area, because, even with serious problems with peripheral blood supply (often observed in heart patients and patients with diabetes mellitus), the potential is restored within a few weeks. This method has practically no contraindications and makes it possible, even without the use of drugs, to achieve long-lasting results in patients of different ages.

Decreased potential certainly puts pressure on a man. However, there is no reason to look at it tragically: according to doctors, there are practically no such cases. Do not delay a visit to the doctor if you notice signs of erectile dysfunction. However, the sooner the treatment is started, the sooner you will regain the joy of a vibrant sex life.