3 best methods to increase potency quickly

weak potential and how to increase it

What is more valuable to a man than a man’s sexual health and consistency? Statistics show that more than 50% of the male population has some type of sexual problem. And their number is increasing every day.

The question of how to increase the level of potential today is not only asked by older men, but also by young people.

Difficult environmental situations, high stress, many problems that haunt and do not allow you to rest, chronic diseases, far from the ideal lifestyle - all these are only a small part of what everyone experiences, and that certainly affects his own health. including men.

How can you avoid problems with potential, or eliminate them with the least amount of loss?

Let's define the terminology

Sexual potential is the ability to have sexual intercourse, a manifestation of male sexuality, which manifests itself in parameters such as the speed of erection, its usefulness, duration of sexual intercourse and other characteristics. Sexual potential cannot be equated with the amount of sexual intercourse and the presence of desire.

A healthy man retains the ability to have full sexual intercourse until death. The idea that potential problems depend on age is often misunderstood. There are possible signs of good potential that can be seen in men. These signs include:

  1. average weight and height;
  2. comprehensive comprehensive development;
  3. clean skin with hair all over the body;
  4. movement coordination is not feasible;
  5. the reaction to the stimulus is immediate;
  6. mental abilities at a high level;
  7. his voice was quite low, but clear;
  8. self confidence.

You can also highlight factors that influence potential negatives:

  1. lifestyle and age appropriateness;
  2. bad habits - alcohol, smoking, fast food;
  3. nervous disorders, depressive and manic states, stress;
  4. diseases of the heart and vascular system;
  5. use of certain medications;
  6. hormonal diseases;
  7. diseases of the genitourinary system;
  8. brain damage by tumors;
  9. very low or high temperatures;
  10. use of steroids during sports training and athletic activities;
  11. herbs and whole surplus;
  12. episodic sex life.

To identify ways to normalize potential, you must first identify which factors are fundamental and have the greatest impact. Often, young people suffer from weak erections, which are caused by psychological problems - lack of self -confidence and strength, complex. In adult males (around eighty years of age), potential violations are caused by physiological problems.

Potential enhancement methods

There are three ways to increase potential:

  1. physical training;
  2. proper nutrition for good potential;
  3. use of medications and procedures.

To highlight the most effective method, you need a specialist who will evaluate the individual characteristics and nuances of the male body, relate them to the severity of the disorder and recommend the most appropriate technique. However, if you do not want to see an expert yet, you can use all the techniques simultaneously.

Medical methods to correct erectile dysfunction

You can increase the potential with the help of special procedures and preparations. the effectiveness of such measures is quite high, more than 95%.

Such as:

  • production of PDE5 inhibitors,
  • injection of drugs into the cavernous body and urethra;
  • natural remedies that increase male potency;
  • psycho correction;
  • vacuum massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • surgical therapy.

Any medication used to increase potency can only be used after it has been approved by two doctors - your personal doctor and your doctor. Only then can you start taking it regularly.

Basic medicine

Modern medicine uses several families of drugs that help solve the problem of erectile dysfunction effectively. These tools include:

  1. preparations containing yohimbine;
  2. fortifying drugs;
  3. products with cantharidin.

These drugs have one feature in common - they have a similar prototype of action and their main purpose is to pump blood to the loosening smooth muscle, which widens the boundaries of the corpora cavernosa, improving erections. The main advantage of such funds can be called unprincipled, because the receipts from them are similar - the point is that blood flow increases from day to day.

Specialized sports training

Men experience complexes about their own helplessness under the influence of their environment and lifestyle. For stronger sex representations who have normal sexual intercourse, have an active position, engage in moving work and adhere to sports activities. which is described here.

You can strengthen erections and increase strength levels with the help of light physical activity, which is available to everyone. Jogging or some sort of warm -up will help, as will yoga or simple gymnastics.

Good improve erectile function with contrast bath and sex in the morning. This allows you to take care of your own health, and also has a positive impact on potential.

Various exercises

Exercises for the pelvic organs, which can strengthen muscle tissue and improve human sexual performance. A man should freeze while urinating three times a day, and then quickly resume it. Exercises like this will help ensure good erectile function.

Exercises of Kundalini Yoga. It is a complex of masculinity and sexual energy that drives sexual drive, improves quality of sex life and improves muscle tone.

Breathing exercises help increase blood flow, which improves erections.

The Importance of a Proper Diet

A rational diet is one of the key components of stable health, including sexual health. The male body must get vitamins in the right quantities, as well as trace elements, minerals and more that it needs for a healthy metabolism and full sexual activity.

Men's diet should contain:

  1. dairy and meat products;
  2. limited portion of carbohydrates (grains, vegetables);
  3. seafood and seafood cocktails.
  4. Elements of plants, nuts, herbs, seeds;
  5. vegetables and fruits.

All of these contain doses of vitamins that help increase hormone levels.